Filing Bankruptcy Online

Online bankruptcy is something of a misnomer. While you can order your bankruptcy forms online, use online software to create your bankruptcy petition, or hire the help of a petition preparer to prepare your bankruptcy online, you cannot actually file your bankruptcy online. To file your bankruptcy you must actually take your bankruptcy petition to the bankruptcy court. So why do so many sites say “File your bankruptcy online”? Mostly because it is easier to use online services to prepare your bankruptcy than it is to make several visits to an attorneys office. Online bankruptcy sites, such as this one, are growing because scheduling time to visit an attorney repeatedly isn’t always easy, it’s cheaper for an online bankruptcy service because we don’t have to pay for a fancy office, and many people are still embarrassed about having to tell someone about their money problems. Online bankruptcy services are very private and appeal to a growing number of people. So while you can’t actually file your bankruptcy online, you can skip the pressure, and office visits while saving money. When you hire a bankruptcy attorney they can e-file your bankruptcy petition which is an online service offered by the courts to enable attorneys to file your bankruptcy petition online to get the process started quickly. Your attorney will complete your bankruptcy petition, create a PDF file and send it to the court through the online bankruptcy system.

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