Report: Kodak to focus on printing after bankruptcy

According to the report of, if Eastman Kodak.CO carries through Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in the coming week, it could mark the end of a rich 131 years history for the king of all thing related to Photos and Cameras. Iconic film maker Kodak is set to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to multiple reports from across the US media. The once market leader in film technology has been slow to catch up as rivals embraced the digital age. Some months ago we reported on the closure of last US laboratory to process the company’s seminal Kodachrome film, and as more and more film makers and photographers have moved to digital, the company’s days have always appeared numbered, short of a dramatic change of course. Kodak is hoping to sell sufficient digital patents to keep it afloat during a major restructure, reports the Wall St Journal, but it seems clear its role in future imaging technology advances may be much less seminal than was once the case, if indeed it plays one at all. Read More Here