steff I recently got out of a divorce that has left me with bills piling to the moon, so many issues that I couldn’t even function or sleep at night… after I spoke with my free attorney (from filling out the bankruptcy form) I swear I already felt relief. They even have tips on their page of how to file and what to do. Step by step instructions, very professional people, and very happy I have started the process to a new life.


steff At such a fragile state in my life, going through a huge financial crisis, I felt helpless for my current situation. I am extremely grateful for the Attorney which walked me thru the entire bankruptcy process from beginning to end. They helped me understand that this was not the end and I still had an opportunity to get back on my feet again. The best part is that they were right! If you are reading this and aren’t sure where to call to help with your bankruptcy, rest assured that will be able to help you.


steff I was completely embarrassed and overwhelmed about my finances which was why i went online to find help, turned out to be the miracle i was praying for, after filling the form on the site, i was immediately matched with a local attorney which provided professional and free consultation. I could not be happier about the service I received and I highly recommend